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Tristan Lebleu

Communications Editor

1000 Solutions — April 05, 2019

WeNow, your eco-driving coach

Written by Tristan Lebleu - 2min read

This eco-driving coach can help reduce fuel consumption up to 10% What’s the issue?While many topics are still open for discussion, few doubts remain over the fact that cars pollute. First, let’s start with the facts: overall, the transport sector is responsible for 25% of global energy-related CO2 emissions,...

Interviews — April 02, 2019

Investor Focus - Interview with Katya Akulinicheva, SYSTEMIQ

Written by Tristan Lebleu - 5min read

Looking for new opportunities, giving companies the chance to scale, taking financial risks, supporting companies... Cleantech investors have a crucial role to play in the race to build a sustainable future. In our latest series, we meet with the individuals and companies who are involved in...

1000 Solutions — March 26, 2019

Wagabox, turning landfill gas into energy

Written by Tristan Lebleu - 2min read

What’s the issue?Our world is choking in trash. With an impressive population growth, globalization and rapid urbanization, the amount of waste generated has skyrocketed. According to a 2016 study by the World Bank, we throw approximately 2 billion tonnes of rubbish, also known as municipal solid waste,...

News — March 26, 2019

Solar Impulse Foundation and EuroQuity join forces to support...

Written by Tristan Lebleu - 2min read

The Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label is now part of the EuroQuity network, enabling its solutions to access an exclusive business partner and investor matching platform. There are numerous obstacles on a startups’ journey to success, from a company's market fit, to finding the right team,...

1000 Solutions — March 07, 2019

K-Ryole, a smart electric trailer for clean and efficient last-mile...

Written by Tristan Lebleu

E-commerce is now part of our everyday lives. We buy pretty much anything in a matter of seconds with a simple click, and we expect purchases to arrive at our doorstep within a few days. But do you know this very convenient habit has major consequences, on both cities and the...

Climate Nugget — March 06, 2019

Future of Farming: How technology is transforming food production

Written by Tristan Lebleu - 4min read

Drones, marketplaces, IoT and sensors, blockchain technologies, artificial intelligence… After having radically transformed our everyday lives, all these technological trends are now changing one of the most crucial aspects of our existence: the way our food is...

1000 Solutions — March 06, 2019

International Women's Day: 5 Climate Solutions Founded by Women

Written by Tristan Lebleu

Today is the 108th International Women’s Day. This year’s theme is “Think Equal, Build Smart, Innovate for Change”, and strongly focuses on the importance of women involvement in climate action (here’s an article from UNFCCC about the need for more women in fighting climate change: read 5 Reasons Why...

1000 Solutions — February 21, 2019

Antismog, reduce air pollution with hydrogen

Written by Tristan Lebleu

For over a century, cars have been the symbol of liberty and progress. Since their invention at the end of the 19th century, passenger vehicles have become an essential part of our lives. An estimated 1.1 billion cars are on the road today, and this figure is set to double by 2040....

1000 Solutions — February 15, 2019

SolarSea, the world’s first floating solar farm

Written by Tristan Lebleu

Picture a pristine white-sand beach, surrounded by a clear-blue turquoise sea, and add a few palm trees. The typical description of a tropical island. Ever wondered how electricity is generated on these little paradise lands? Diesel generators, for the most part. “Diesel generators are...

1000 Solutions — February 08, 2019

Cleancup, fighting plastic pollution one cup at a time

Written by Tristan Lebleu

In November 2018, a dead whale that washed ashore in eastern Indonesia made the headlines and moved public opinion around the world. What was so special about this 31-foot marine mammal? An enormous amount of plastic waste was found in its stomach, including 115 plastic disposable...

News — February 05, 2019

What's up in 2019 for the Solar Impulse Foundation?

Written by Tristan Lebleu

A year ago, we had just launched the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions, which counted only a few Members. A year later, we’ve gathered over 1600 innovators, investors and corporates dedicated to developing, investing in and scaling clean technologies to fast-track the transition to a sustainable...

1000 Solutions — February 01, 2019

iNex Circular, the first circular economy platform for companies

Written by Tristan Lebleu

We produce. We consume. We waste. This linear model of production and consumption has prevailed throughout the 19th and 20th century but has proven to be highly unsustainable. A new model is now emerging to produce goods in a sustainable manner: known as the circular economy, it is described as “a framework...

News — January 25, 2019

US government shutdown is causing long-lasting environmental damage

Written by Tristan Lebleu

National Parks Since December 22nd 2018, many National Parks have been left open and completely unattended, which may lead to long-lasting damage in the United States’ national outdoor treasures. On the National Park Service website, the organization states “for most parks, there will be no National Park...

1000 Solutions — January 23, 2019

Ocean&Forest, cleaning your clothes and dishes while protecting the...

Written by Tristan Lebleu

In June 2007, the coastal population of the Taihu Lake, in the Jiangsu province, woke up to a dreadful scene. China’s third largest freshwater lake had turned green. A thick cover of algae covered the entire lake, affecting the water resource of over 2 million people living on its shores. 12 years later,...

News — January 23, 2019

Davos 2019: 5 leaders taking action to safeguard the planet

Written by Tristan Lebleu

“For the 4th year in a row, the World Economic Forum has named the climate crisis the n°1 threat to the global economy” stated Al Gore in his introduction of the event. Leaders all around the world are now conscious of the seriousness of the menace that the environmental crisis poses to their...