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Mexico, bring us your solutions!

Mexico City - like Paris, Athens and Madrid - will seek to ban the use of diesel vehicles by 2025. This is key to solving the city’s air pollution problem, a situation made worse by the city’s geography. We want to find solutions to solve this and other concerns.

Clockwise from top-left: Traffic in Mexico City, the Monumento a la Revolución, a sugar substitute made from agricultural waste to tackle obesity by Mexican startup Xilinat, and Fungicel, a biomaterials substitute for packaging.

As part of our global challenge to look for 1000 solutions that can protect the environment in a profitable way, we are visiting Mexico City.

We are coming to meet with innovators whose solutions can help solve our most pressing challenges, such as clean transport options that contribute to improved air quality. And while we can only meet a fraction of you during our trip, we want to hear from you;

Submit your own solution - be it a technology, product, process or service - to be considered as one of our 1000 Efficient Solutions.

Bertrand Piccard’s trip to Mexico will include a conference and panel discussion hosted at the Club de industriales on the evening of the 21st of March, and visits to a number of different start-ups - including to the Green Momentum’s P39 Cleantech Center, whose work includes reducing reliance on fossil fuels to the redesigning of infrastructure, focusing on clean energy, hydrocarbons, energy storage and electric mobility.

On the 23rd of March, Bertrand Piccard will speak at the World Forum on Energy Regulation, where he will continue his call to regulators to take up the challenge of designing modern regulation that will help pull clean innovation into the market.

Our challenge: 1000 Efficient Solutions

This year we have set out to identify 1000 Efficient Solutions that meet our standards for being both clean and profitable, and label them as a mark of credibility.

Join us, and let us help bring your solution to decision makers and implementers to show that environmentally-friendly,energy-efficient, profitable solutions already exist today.

Profitable solutions to protect the environment
We will be assessing all the solutions submitted to us, in an effort to identify those that bridge the gap between ecology and economy and contribute to achieving the following Sustainable Development Goals:


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