What is a good example of a Solution which is a “service”?

Solutions that are a “service” often come in combination with Solutions that are a “product”.

A Solution which is simultaneously a “product” and a “service” must include an existing or new system such as: supplying a public need such as transport, communications, or utilities such as electricity and water, or a routine action such as maintenance or repair work, which is performed through (or thanks to) a “physical” or “digital” product.  An example could be: An active fleet management services with e-bikes including high end e-bikes, maintenance, communication, training & support, and gives companies a tool to adapt and develop a clean & cheap mobility (e.g. Labeled Solution V’lease).

A Solution which is a “service” typically refers to a combination of processes and functions for instance software, hardware, networks, telecommunications and electronics to support the Client’s system or routine maintenance. An example could be: An online marketplace that matches car owners sharing their asset with drivers that need a car but do not own one (e.g. Labeled Solution Drivy).

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