How long will it take me to complete my application/fill out the Solution Submission Form (SSF)?

The Solution Submission Form is composed of 6 Sections, of which Section 1, 2 and 6 (public) will serve as a basis to create your Solution’s profile page on the Solar Impulse website. This page will present your Solution to the World Alliance’s network, as well as governments, institutions, the media and the general public.  These fields are relatively easy to fill-in and should take approximately 1 hr.

The remaining Sections 3 ,4, 5 (private) are the core of your submission and will contain technical details regarding your Solution. These Sections will allow the Experts to clearly picture, and therefore understand the nature of the Solution being described, what it does, and how it works. As a result, this part will require more attention (preferably to be filled-in by a technical person). With all information at hand, we estimate that it will take you a full day to complete this part of the Solution Submission Form.

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