I have received the Label, why is my Solution not listed on the Solar Impulse’s website?

After submitting your Solution, based on the information you have provided in section 6 of the Solution Submission Form (SSF) the Solar Impulse Team will draft a summary of your solution to be publicly shared on our website. Your collaboration at this stage is essential, and the quality of the information provided will significantly impact the publication time. If SIF’s team requires additional information or pictures to create your Solution’s web-page, you will be contacted by email. You are requested to provide the up-mentioned information within 5 days. Be aware that past this deadline and if your solution obtains the label, your solution’s page will be published in its current state.

Please notice: You will be able to modify your member’s page (company profile) at anytime from your Dashboard. However, if you want to make changes to your solution’s page once published, you will have to contact SIF’s team and let them know about the desired adjustments.

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