Zerho Waterless Toilet

Gallery Zerho Waterless Toilet 1
Gallery Zerho Waterless Toilet 1
December 2020
Headquarters Centurion, 0061, South Africa

Zerho Waterless Toilet - A viable solution to water supply- and sanitation problems in informal settlements

The Zerho Toilet is proudly South African, where there are still more than 3 million people that do not have sanitation. On average one person produces 1000 litres of urine and 50kg of solid waste per year. Uncontained and not managed, human waste creates extensive negative environmental impacts on a daily basis.

With the Zerho, the faecal matter as well as the urine, are contained and offers the users a high level of hygiene. By not flushing, one person saves on average 7000 litres of potable water per year. When a dry toilet is designed and constructed in such a way that the faeces receptacle can be quickly and easily emptied with minimal risk to human health, the biggest operational and maintenance problem associated with these toilets will be obviated. When the excreta can also be productively and safely used for fertilizing crops and improving poor soils, the technology will become even more attractive. This is what the Zerho Toilet offers.

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Key features

  • By not flushing, one person saves on average 7000 litres of potable water per year
  • + 90% increased lifetime (20 to 50 years) compared to mainstream alternative


  • For every $1 invested, a ROI of $5 is gained in healthcare and other factors
  • The Zerho is 5x more affordable than sewers - demonstrating that safe sanitation can be done at a much lower cost

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South Africa,

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