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Water SMART Blue Building

A suite of solutions to allow underserved communities to manage their water resources

Providing diverse services and technologies including diversifying water sources, recycling and treatment, to decentralized communities, cutting in half water footprint and wastage for disconnected and rural communities in SE Asia.

ECOSOFTT's Water SMART Blue Communities and Users platform enables total water sustainability through end-to-end management of the water cycle. The Blue Building Standard is based on 4 overarching principals: Water Source - increase and diversify water sources; Water Use - integrate various water sources for different water use; Water Recycling - collect and recycle wastewater using appropriate technologies, and; Water Discharge - safely discharge excess water for other community needs or into the environment. The implementation method is.

Key features for a positive impact on quality of life

  • • Highly modular, enabling users to implement parts of the system depending on their needs and financial situation
  • Enable marginalised communities to obtain 24x7 access to clean water, sanitation facilities and livelihood opportunities.
  • Reduces water wastage by up to 50%, recycles up to 80% of wastewater, and the remaining 20% recharges water sources.


  • Low cost, and sustains the development of economic activities thanks to increased access to water.

ECOSOFFT's Water SMART Blue Communities

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