Water Mineralization Technology

Gallery Water Mineralization Technology 1
Gallery Water Mineralization Technology 1
February 2021
By Watefy
Headquarters Shmu'el Salant St 16, Petah Tikva, Israel

Water Mineralization Technology - Making safe and clean water available and affordable for all

The Solution provides the possibility to supply healthy man-made mineral water enriched by vital calcium and magnesium to all groups of the population, at an affordable cost. The solution is realised in 3 main verticals: 1) Mineralization installations at water utilities 2) Industrial production of man-made mineral water of top quality, and low costs/prices 3) Household/commercial Water Appliance to provide clean and healthy drinking water 24/7. This solution assure clean and healthy water. This will also serve the special needs of different population groups for mineral waters of different mineralization levels including pregnant women, elderlies, diabetic, children or sportsmen. The mineral water made at home will be cheaper by 3 times and healthier than bought bottled mineral water.

Key features

  • CO2 pollutions cut by 640,000 tons annually
  • With 50,000 appliances annually, after 5 years more than 250,000,000 plastic bottles will be saved, and avoid environment pollution.


  • Proposed Solution is cheaper by 50% in OpEx, and 85% in Capex than the mainstream alternative in water mineralization
  • Proposed Solution for household/commercial Water Mineralization Appliance provides mineral water at 1/3 of the bottled water prices
  • These savings make the payback time less than 3 years

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