WASE Biocentre

Gallery WASE Biocentre 1
Gallery WASE Biocentre 1
March 2021
By Wase
Headquarters Trafalgar Square, Charing Cross, London WC2N 5DU, UK

WASE Biocentre - A compact sewage/faecal sludge treatment plant that generates bioenergy from wastewater for decentralised management in urban communities

Globally 80% of wastewater is discharged into our environment untreated because of a high dependence on centralised solutions that are expensive and energy-intensive. WASE's Biocentre Solution unlocks the power of waste using a patent-pending 'waste-to-energy' technology. The Biocentres provide circular onsite waste management, allowing customers to generate energy from previously non-viable waste streams whilst also recovering water and nutrients to produce fertilisers. The Solution uses WASE's groundbreaking EMR technology that accelerates waste treatment and boosts energy production compared to biological solutions such as anaerobic digestino. Each biocentre has a remote monitoring and control system providing real-time diagnostics globally to optimise energy efficiency and reduce maintenance costs. The Biocentres can treat a variety of waste streams, including faecal sludge/sewage, food and drink manufacturing waste, and agricultural waste. This Solution is helping to reduce emissions, clean up water sources and generate a healthy environment for people to live in.

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Key features

  • 20% higher energy production compared to anaerobic digestion
  • Can treat waste up to 10 times faster than anaerobic digestion
  • Take up less than 30% of the space of anaerobic digesters
  • 20% increase in bioenergy recovery compared to anaerobic digestion
  • Each unit can treat up to 5 tonnes of faecal sludge a day, recovering up to 490 kWh of energy in the form of biogas
  • Eeach unit can save 6 tonnes of carbon every year


  • Payback in 3-4 years
  • Instant savings through service models and free trials

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United Kingdom,



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