Urban Conectum®

Gallery Urban Conectum® 1
Gallery Urban Conectum® 1
November 2020
By Aventum
Headquarters 28046 Madrid, Spain

Urban Conectum® - A smart and flexible sensor network for waste control in the streets

Very often we see waste around open containers or lids due to excess garbage or misuse of them. This causes a negative visual impact, odors and possible pandemics. Urban Conectum, a device which is installed on street lamps to deploy telecommunications networks and sensors, solves the waste control in the streets predicting the level of content of waste containers as well as evaluating the state of cleaning of the streets. It transmits the following data to the system: level of filling of each container, cleaning rate of the sidewalks, noise level, CO2 level. It allows you to manage alerts about: upcoming overflows of containers, open lids, fire, vandalism, etcetera. The number of openings and closings is measured. An algorithm predicts the fill level by relating the number of openings to the collected weight. Sends an alarm when the speed and fill level is going to overflow. It also sends an alarm when it detects that the container has been left open. The artificial vision for the control of containers and the level of cleanliness of public roads provides: Optimization of capacity and routes Control of the state of road dirt Optimization of cleaning crews.

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Key features

  • In an 11.000 population neighborhood, 19,2 Mwh/year could be safe compared to using the ultrasould sensor (mainstream alternative)
  • 2800 environmental parameters per day could be detected, compared to using the ultrasould sensor (mainstream alternative) that can detect 1600 environmental parameters
  • 35% reduction of GHG emission due to garbage collection
  • Avoid the production of 6 kg of toxic and dangerous waste each 3 years
  • The electrical saving decrease the CO2 emission in 5.400 tn per year


  • Till 45% savings in the cost of garbage collection
  • Till 30% savings in the cost of street clean

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