TyreFlow Recycling Process

Gallery TyreFlow Recycling Process 1
Gallery TyreFlow Recycling Process 1
March 2021
Headquarters Bryn Mawr, PA 19010, USA

TyreFlow Recycling Process - A full end-to-end solution for up-cycling of waste tires

TyreFlow's solution aims to create a full end-to-end process for scrap tires. Its model focuses on regional collection and recycling centres compared to the less environmentally-friendly alternative: shipping scrap tires abroad for disposal or processing. After the waste tire collection stage, the solution embodies two different process lines to upgrade waste tires: (1) the production of durable and sustainable thermoplastic compounds from the scrap tires and recycled plastics (NeoCrumbs), (2) the refinement of carbon black derived from the scrap tires to create a final product that can compete on quality with pure furnace black, creating true cradle-to-cradle recycling (RCB Nanotechnologies).

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Key features

  • Every ton of scrap tires processed is a ton that isn’t polluting the environment by being burned, landfilled, or illegally dumped
  • Each ton of scrap tires processed into our rubber/plastic compound also utilizes two tons of recycled plastic waste
  • The Solution involves the creation of regional collection channels and recycling centers to mitigate the negative environmental impact of shipping waste tires nationally and globally
  • The GHG footprint of a kilogram of NeoCrumb’s thermoplastic compound is estimated at 0.73 kgCO2e - 64% lower than that of virgin plastics and up to 80% lower compared to virgin rubbers
  • The GHG footprint of a kilogram of RCB Nanotechnologies’ product is estimated to be 0.32 kgCO2e, up to 89% lower than that of virgin furnace black, and 93% lower than that of thermal black


  • RCB Nanotechnologies' RCB product will be a minimum of 10% less expensive than virgin carbon black
  • Neocrumb's rubber plastic alloys are between 10%-40% less expensive and last up to 500% longer than the materials they replace

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