Gallery Tile'Up 1
Gallery Tile'Up 1
January 2021
By Celloz
Headquarters 86360 Montamisé, France
In collaboration with ADEO

Tile'Up - A new generation of biosourced roof elements

Existing construction materials, which are being used massively worldwide, have significant negative impacts on the environment. Celloz aims at protecting our planet and strongly believes in circular economy. In order to meet the needs of the construction industry, Celloz developed Tile'Up, a new generation of bio-sourced roofing material. This disruptive technology, safeguarded by two patents, provides highly efficient roofing elements. Tile'Up products are resistant, longlasting, very easy to install and offer an eco-friendly option on the market.

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Key features

  • One full truck carries 8000 square meters of Tile'Up versus 800 square meters of ceramic tiles
  • To produce 1 square meter, only 3 kg of recycled raw material are required for Tile'Up compared to more than 9 kg of iron for metallic sheet and 40 kg of clay for ceramic tiles
  • 100% reduction of non-renewable raw material
  • More than 50% reduction of energy consumption


  • 50% reduction of roofer installation time
  • Up to 10 times reduction of transportation costs

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