Thermal Rail TM

Gallery Thermal Rail TM 1
Gallery Thermal Rail TM 1
August 2020
Headquarters Montreal, QC H3A 0A5, Canada

Thermal Rail TM - Thermal Rail cools data centers 30% more efficiently, at lower overall cost, and enables capture of 0.5 GT of CO2e/yr by 2050 reusing its waste heat.

The vast majority of data centers are air-cooled. This fundamentally limits efficiency, making servers pointlessly complicated, and forces inefficient and expensive data center designs. In fact, in 2018, it took on average 58% percent more electricity to power a data center than was used to do the compute work. Today data centers consume around 2% of the world’s electrical production and are predicted to consume close to 10% soon. On the latter part, 1 W of computing = 1 W of residual heat. Some data centers attempt to make use of it to warm buildings in the winter, but this is also a non-efficient solution. Thermal RailTM can change all that.

With Thermal RailTM, ADC Technologies has designed a solution and business model that reduces energy consumption by 30% and reduces costs by 20%. But it’s not all! By capturing all of the data centres waste heat and transferring it to a liquid coolant that never comes near electronic components, Thermal Rail™, can make every data centre carbon negative and help remove over 0.5 GT/yr of CO2eq by 2050 whilst creating a new line of revenue for data centres.

Key features

  • Reduces energy consumption by 30%
  • Reduces costs by 20%
  • Reuses the waste heat


  • Thermal Rail™ will save an average data centre over 20% on their total cost of ownership over 10 years

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