The Fossilizator

Gallery The Fossilizator 1
Gallery The Fossilizator 1
October 2020
Headquarters 91120 Palaiseau, France

The Fossilizator - Changes non-recyclable waste into stones for the construction sector

Construction aggregates represent the most extracted raw material in France with 55% of total tonnages, representing 360 M tonnes. Extracted from quarries mainly to produce concrete and build roads, they cause environmental problems such as landscape degradation. In addition, industrials are looking for recycled materials, especially for the construction of roads, since they have obligations to use 50% of recycled materials, a proportion hardly reached today.

To tackle this challenge as well as landfilling, Néolithe transforms non-recyclable waste such as municipality waste, construction waste, industrial waste into stones. The Anthropocite, the mineral aggregate produced, can be used as raw material for the construction sector, especially for roadbeds and concrete. The waste is processed by the Fossilizator, a mobile treatment unit in containers that can be deployed easily next to waste production. The Fossilization aims to replace the current waste treatments, incineration and landfills, that generate a lot of CO2 emissions. Highly scalable, the Fossilization technology is cost-competitive when compared with other conventional solutions.

Key features

  • The Fossilizator has a treatment capacity of 10 tons per day
  • The waste are turned into stones in 24 hours
  • The Fossilization of 1 ton of household waste avoids 650kg of CO2
  • The Fossilization of all household waste would avoid 5% of the global greenhouse gaz emissions
  • 100% material revalorisation of the waste


  • Sold as a service, the Fossilization cost the same thing for the end user
  • Sold as an equipment, the payback time of a Fossilizator is 6.5 years

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