SunScreen - Photovoltaic Noise Barrier

Gallery SunScreen - Photovoltaic Noise Barrier  1
Gallery SunScreen - Photovoltaic Noise Barrier  1
April 2020
Headquarters 75008 Paris, France

SunScreen - Photovoltaic Noise Barrier - Photovoltaic noise barrier

SunScreen is a photovoltaic noise barrier. Its high acoustic performance reduces noise along road and rail transport network, thanks to its innovative design and absorption capacity.

By using the unused location and structure of the available noise barriers as support for photovoltaic panels, SunScreen makes renewable electricity production competitive, even in urban areas. Every kilometer of barrier corresponds to 1200 photovoltaic panels and provide about 400 kWp of power. SunScreen is addressed to highway private concessionaires and public operators. SunScreen offers them the possibility to increase the environmental and social integration of their project, by reducing noise levels and producing renewable and low-carbon energy.

Key features

  • 100 meters of photovoltaic noise barrier would enable to avoid 29 tons CO2e over 30 years in France and 441 tons CO2e in Germany


  • Total cost of ownership is lower than the alternatives: payback time of 16-24 years (over a mininum 30 years lifetime)
  • Annual maintenance cost < 0,5% of CAPEX

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