Gallery SunAqua 1
Gallery SunAqua 1
November 2019
Headquarters 08860 Sitges, Barcelona, Spain

SunAqua - An affordable water distillation system based on solar power.

Solar distillation for zero liquid discharge recovers pure water plus dry salts and avoids the generation of contaminating brine.

A system for water re-use, including getting rid of brine, water desalination's unsustainable waster, achieving the closed water loop. SunAqua looks like a huge tent, its configuration allows it to gather the Sun's heat with a high efficiency and to use it to evaporate water. In the case of water desalination, the dominating current alternatives capable of desalinating water only recover a fraction of the water and dump the rest, which is harmful, back to the sea. SunAqua, on the contrary, evaporates 100% of the water, recovering the solutes (ex. commercial salt) following a full waste-to-money philosophy. Whether sea-water, brine or contaminated waters, SunAqua achieves a full separation of water and its solutes, leading to the generation of resources (commercial salt, fertilisers, ...) or an easy and cheap management of the waste in its solid state.

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Key features

  • Spends 75%-95% less energy than conventional thermal systems
  • Spends 50% less energy than reverse osmosis


  • Reducing costs by 75% in contaminated water desalination

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