Gallery StepWin 1
Gallery StepWin 1
August 2020
Headquarters Vancouver, BC V6B 1A4, Canada

StepWin - Complying with new building energy efficiency laws while building durable and comfortable homes, on budget

StepWin is an Ai-powered web-based software for home builders. Builders input general project information in StepWin as well as the type of building assemblies they are considering to build. StepWin looks at all possible assembly configurations (thousands to millions) and cherry-picks the best performing ones according to construction costs.

This product is a response to the environmental efficiency regulations popping up everywhere around the world and causing a revolution in the building industry. As a consequence, the residential builders are being pushed to make high-performance homes, but the existing physics-based energy modeling tools do not have the scale nor the thoroughness to assess all possibilities, making the current process costly and risky. StepWin is powered by our, first of its kind, proprietary Rapid Building Energy Simulation Tool (R-BEST) which is 1,000,000 times faster than the traditional physics-based simulation tools. It also incorporates construction costs into this process, which has been another key missing piece. With these technologies, StepWin can tell homebuilders where to invest their budget to maximize the value of their build for themselves and their customers.simulation tools.

Key features

  • StepWin can reduce the operational GHG emissions of a typical design by 3 tonnes per year


  • StepWin can realize up to 18.5% construction energy-related cost savings on the typical project, while the cost analysis component alone is 30%-70% cheaper than conventional alternatives.

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