Gallery Sollum 1
Gallery Sollum 1
September 2020
Headquarters Montreal, QC H2Y 1V8, Canada

Sollum - LED smart lighting solution that dynamically recreates, modulates and enhances the full spectrum of the sun’s natural light.

Greenhouses are essential to agriculture and food sustainability. They enable year-round production in inhospitable climates where the conditions necessary for traditional agricultural production are seasonal. As demographic change, the erosion of arable land and climate change continue apace, horticulture will play an increasingly important role in feeding the world’s population.

Horticultural lighting systems are designed the same way lighting has been designed for over a hundred years: they consume a lot of electricity, have a short lifespan, emit pollutants, produce a fixed spectrum, aren’t programmable and lack integrated connectivity. Sollum Technologies addresses these challenges thanks to its programmable smart lighting solution that combines a programmable LED light fixture which recreates and/or compensates the full spectrum of the sun's natural light with a cloud-based platform predicated on intelligent algorithms that command and control the fixtures. Sollum’s simple and user-friendly SUN as a Service™ application enables greenhouse producers to program, adjust and modulate light fixtures according to their specific needs remotely and in real time to create optimal lighting conditions. The solution increases the productivity of greenhouse cultivation while improving quality and taste and reducing energy consumption.

Key features

  • Energy savings of over 30% compared to HPS solutions
  • Reduction in water consumption by 10% compared to HPS solutions


  • Payback time compared to HPS solutions (5 years)
  • Productivity gains: 10 to 40% (depending on plant species)

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