SOLIS Industrial Daylight Collector

Gallery SOLIS Industrial Daylight Collector 1
Gallery SOLIS Industrial Daylight Collector 1
August 2020
Headquarters Yozma St 3, Tirat Carmel, Israel

SOLIS Industrial Daylight Collector - Highly efficient, fully static, daylighting solution, providing large amounts of sunlight throughout the day, to unlit rooms

The physiology is constantly synchronized by sunlight, it provides us with an accurate natural biological clock, controlling our rest and activity periods. Modern trends of people migrating to cities, and spending about 90% of their time indoor, have amplified efforts to provide a healthier indoor environment. Lighting is not neutral in terms of human health, and according to new findings on non-visual effects of light, adverse effects such as disturbance of sleep/wake cycles, mood disorders and possibly even cancer pathologies may be the consequences of natural light deprivation. Improving lighting quality has a proven impact on vision and health worldwide.

Solight had set out to create a highly efficient, cost effective, durable daylighting system, based on our patented optical design. SOLIS is intended as a natural lighting enhancement tool for existing buildings, enabling architects and lighting designers to deliver sunlight to confined, previously artificially lit areas such as underground floors, and internal window-less rooms far from the building’s exterior. Illuminating depressive interiors and providing uniform full spectrum natural sunlight throughout the day with no heat or UV, SOLIS sets a new benchmark for natural lighting solutions.

Key features

  • Saves 32 Tons CO2 through its lifetime
  • Provides unparalleled uniform amounts of natural full spectrum sunlight for healthy indoor lighting
  • Creates ideal living, study, and working conditions


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