Solar Powered Carport Mobility Hubs

Gallery Solar Powered Carport Mobility Hubs 1
Gallery Solar Powered Carport Mobility Hubs 1
November 2020
Headquarters Montreal, QC H3B 1X8, Canada

Solar Powered Carport Mobility Hubs - Solar Powered E-mobility and Grid-Servicing Solution.

A solar power, grid-connected EV charging solutions with services from OS management of all solar and EV charging, smart lighting and air quality sensors and batteries providing either off-grid power or grid-services, all integrated into one hardware and software platform. The 6 car solar-powered unit creates approx 2MW of clean power per year, dependant on location. This translates in up to $6000 saved per year on local utility (Mass, California rates).

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Key features

  • Aluminum aircraft grade hardware ensure long lasting sustainability
  • 2MW of annual power for clean powered EV Charging.
  • 24hr resilient power due to 90KWH battery.
  • Reduce CO2 emissions, the quantity of grid power used, specially from non-renewables, help measure the PM pollutants and deliver information on the saved pollutions as well.
  • Localized supply chain reduces carbon emissions in getting systems to site.
  • At least 35% of emissions avoided compared to the mainstream alternative.


  • Payback depends on the cost of the local grid power and if other revenues such as sponsorship branding is possible on the sites. As well, money earned from grid-services are added with the battery.
  • Lowered production of carbon emissions provides for cleaner air provides for less cardio-pulmonary treatment costs where deployed.

Activity Region

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North america

United States, Canada,

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