Solar Cooling

Gallery Solar Cooling 1
Gallery Solar Cooling 1
June 2019
Headquarters 06000 Nice, France

Solar Cooling - A solar energy-powered hvac system for tertiary buildings

Solar Cooling is an HVAC system that provides tertiary buildings with cooling and heating powered mostly by thermal solar energy.

The key benefits are energy and cost savings, indoor air quality improvement, and CO2 emission reduction. The system works in almost all regions except equatorial zones. It covers between 65-85% of the total heating/cooling needs of the building. The major components are: one or several air handling units, solar thermal panels, and a regulation algorithm for the building. Using the Dessicant Evaporative Cooling principle, the solution can cool incoming outdoor air from 34°C to 18°C using only solar heat and a bit of water. Essentially, when dry air is humidified, its temperature goes down. There is no need for an electrical compressor, heat pump, nor refrigerant gas. The humidity level is controlled to maintain ideal conditions.

Key features

  • Reduces CO2 emissions by up to 60%.
  • Natural air-conditioning powered by solar heat.


  • Up to 60% in lower energy costs in operation.

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