Gallery SOFTCAR 1
Gallery SOFTCAR 1
August 2020
By Softcar
Headquarters 1700 Fribourg, Switzerland

SOFTCAR - SOFTCAR is a clean car with an electric propulsion, safe, reliable and sustainable

The solution will change the pollution created by car. They are trying to create a car which is the greenest possible and respectful of the environment. With a SOFTCAR, you could drive in the city, outside the city and keep your car for decades with a normal use.

The Mission of SOFTCAR is to propose an efficient solution to depollute megacities of our planet. SOFTCAR has designed a clean car and the assembly center to produce, sell, fix, recycle vehicles as close as possible to users. SOFTCAR is based on an eco-design approach that is compatible with the principles of a circular economy: 1) competitive cost, 2) towards 100% recyclability 3) lowest achievable environmental footprint at production, use and end of life phases. Moreover, SOFTCAR allows small-series and distributed manufacturing¸ which contributes to manage locally the recycling and the lifecycle of the product.

Key features

  • Quantity of CO2 emitted in the atmosphere : -32%
  • Quantity of energy used : -50% The quantity of non-renewable resources used or used without recycling


  • Saving made compared to the reference for a client : 50% 8000€ in Spain, 7000€ in France

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