Smart Rainfall System

Gallery Smart Rainfall System 1
Gallery Smart Rainfall System 1
March 2021
Headquarters 16121 Genoa, Metropolitan City of Genoa, Italy

Smart Rainfall System - A novel Decision Support System for building climate resilient cities against flash flood

Weather-related disasters have been estimated to affect about two-thirds of the European population annually by the year 2100 (i.e., 351 million people). The anticipation of heavy rain on urbanised areas is, therefore, a prime concern of any civil protection operator. Assessment is particularly difficult for small urbanised catchments where surface runoff rapidly develops as a consequence of intense precipitation. Traditional monitoring networks and existing Decision Support Systems -DSS do not provide rainfall maps forecastings with the necessary spatial resolution and updating on a very frequent basis to allow fast and accurate prediction of the exact location and magnitude of flash floods. Arty's solution adopts innovative technologies that allow a fast and detailed evaluation of the flood risk level expected locally in the territory. Artys'disruptive solution is a Decision Support System - DSS that uses the patented Smart Rainfall System - SRS technology for building climate-resilient cities against extreme weather events, providing real-time rainfall monitoring and flood risk nowcasting. Thanks to a network of innovative IoT sensors and advanced risk analysis modelling, SRS allows the decision-makers to protect the people and goods by undertaking wiser and faster choices and optimal, evidence-grounded management of the emergencies.

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Key features

  • All-in-one service that allows predicting the flash flood hazard at the small scale of the urban district
  • SRS rainfall monitoring products are updated every minute, 10 times faster than the mainstream alternative
  • The typical space resolution of the SRS rainfall maps is 100 meters, 5 times finer than the mainstream alternative
  • Zero electromagnetic pollution: SRS relies on a clean and safe technology that doesn't emit microwaves to perform rainfall measurements whereas the mainstream alternative continuously irradiates high power microwaves in the environment
  • Low carbon footprint: 98% reduction of CO2 emission with respect to the mainstream alternative
  • SRS predicts flash floods from 30 min to 2 hours before the emergency - SRS is the only system capable of evaluating the flood hazard at the small spatial scale of the urban drainage system and effectively supporting civil/environmental protection


  • High social impact: more than 10€ returned for every 1€ invested thanks to the exact knowledge of the incoming flood hazard
  • Service provided for a yearly fee: 150 euro for every km2 of flood-prone monitored territory, 50% cheaper than the mainstream alternative
  • No Capital Expenditures

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