Smart BAM

Gallery Smart BAM 1
Gallery Smart BAM 1
August 2020
By Qista
Headquarters 13560 Sénas, France

Smart BAM - A connected, environmentally friendly mosquito trap that provides clean and selective mosquito control in areas.

Thanks to its principle of simulating human respiration, Smart BAM makes it possible to attract and capture harmful mosquitoes.

For respiratory simulation, each BAM diffuses CO2 (recycled, from the fermentation of cereals) and olfactory lures in quantities similar to those of humans. The Smart BAM responds to a large-scale ecological mosquito control problem. BAM is environmentally friendly as it has no negative impact on the environment and biodiversity thanks to its species selectivity rate of 99.8%. The well-being of the citizen is ensured because there is no nuisance and danger to humans. In addition, Smart BAM also offers a sanitary tool to control and prevent the vectorial risk linked with mosquitoes (counting, identification of captured species and declaration of AI) thanks to its monitoring system. This trap meets the needs of countries where vector-borne diseases are a major political and health priority.

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Key features

  • The Smart BAM requires 230 V or 0 V, if equipped with a solar panel
  • 0% CO2 emissions - only recycled CO2 and non-toxic particles are released
  • 99.8% species selectivity, while the alternative solution impacts other insects and mosquito predators


  • 4 times cheaper than the alternative
  • Savings on medical costs - less disease related to mosquitoes

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