Skipper NDT

Gallery Skipper NDT 1
Gallery Skipper NDT 1
August 2020
Headquarters 75016 Paris, France

Skipper NDT - Predictive maintenance and precision mapping of buried pipelines to ensure their operational safety for the people and the environment

Skipper NDT develops a predictive maintenance technology for pipelines where traditional technologies are not applicable. Their patented technology allows to inspect the structural integrity of metal pipelines without having to be in direct contact. The objective is to reduce the human and environmental impact of pipeline failure as well as rationalising OPEX expenditures for operators.

A significant portion of pipelines across the world cannot be secured and inspected through traditional tools. In certain cases, such as for Oil & Gas pipelines, this constitutes a major safety and environmental threat for pipeline operators and local communities in close proximity. Incidents on such infrastructures can have devastating consequences as seen on several occasions. The US safety material administration estimates that in the past 6 years, in the US alone, there were over 3,300 incidents resulting in over 80 deaths and 400 injuries while causing $4bn of material damages. Pipelines transporting water are reported to have the same safety issues with an estimated 25% product loss due to poor infrastructure conditions. The advantage of the technology proposed by Skipper NDT is related to its ease of implementation (no disruption of operations) and its accuracy.

Key features

  • Skipper NDT could help prevent 45% of water waste during in pipelines
  • It could help prevent 21% of incidents responsible for the release of 325 million tons of Green House Gas worldwide


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