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Gallery SHOC Technology& Recycling 1
November 2020
Headquarters Beloeil, QC J3G 4S5, Canada

SHOC Technology& Recycling - A turnkey service for small to medium municipalities to design, finance and operate sites for household waste treatment and recycling of organics

When buried in landfill, 1 tonne of household waste generates 0.5 tonne of GHG due to the anaerobic decomposition of organic matter found in the garbage. This matter represents 50% of the total weight of the waste. To divert the organic matter out of landfills, many municipalities have implemented a green bin program asking citizens to sort at source, which unfortunately did not achieve the objective.

In order to increase diversion rate, Viridis has developed a process chain which makes it possible to treat and dry the organic fraction contained in the garbage, to clean and transform it into a fertilizing material used in agriculture. VIRIDIS offers its partners in municipalities a turnkey service that offers to design, finance and operate sites for the treatment of household waste and here. With this service proposal, Viridis offers its generator customers a method of managing organic matter without the use of a third collection and the brown bin. The process processing capacity is between 5,000 and 25,000 tons of household waste. The process proposed in Viridis' integrated service offer is based on around a patented bio-drying technology: SHOC® technology. SHOC is designed to effectively treat this type of material in closed enclosure, without leachate management and without the use of structuring materials.

Key features

  • Proportion of household waste diverted from landfill: 40%-GHG reduction representing 381 kg / t of landfilled waste
  • Process takes less than two weeks using mainly electricity
  • The dried and clean organic matter produced is used as an alternative fertilizer for agriculture


  • For 18000 t of household waste: Payback: 1 year
  • Savings: 325 000$/yr

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