Seaweed Farmer 1.0

Gallery Seaweed Farmer 1.0  1
Gallery Seaweed Farmer 1.0  1
February 2021
Headquarters 4000 Roskilde, Denmark

Seaweed Farmer 1.0 - Nordic Algae provides the necessary services and equipment needed for establishing and maintaining efficient seaweed farms

By scaling the production of seaweed, Seaweed Farmer 1.0 provides food for a growing population (SDG 2), ensures sustainable management and use of natural resources (SDG 12), captures CO2 (SDG 13), and restores the balance of the ocean by using seaweed as a biofilter (SDG 14). However, the process to get a seaweed farm up and running can be a long and tedious journey. This is why Nordic Algae are building an eco-system that can support seaweed farmers through every step of becoming successful and at the same time provide the food industry with a stable supply of biomass. When the food industry pre-orders seaweed, Nordic Algae notifies the farmers in their eco-system who will then harvest seaweed from the ideal farming locations provided for them. The seaweed is then delivered to Nordic Algae before being delivered to the industry. Seaweed Farmer 1.0' automated cultivation and harvesting solution - retrofitted to the farmer's boat - secures fast harvesting, making the work worthwhile for the seaweed farmer

Key features

  • Cut production cost by 50% compared to manual harvesting
  • A 10 ha seaweed farm can produce 80 tonnes of seaweed a year assuming average yield of 4 kg/m
  • Producing 250 million tonnes of seaweed would lead to the capture of 30 mio. tonnes CO2, 0,5 million tonnes of nitrogen, and 50.000 tonnes of phosphor
  • Producing 250 million tonnes of seaweed would add 2,5 million tonnes of fish to the ocean


  • Nordic Algae offers a full-package solution at 50% the production cost of today
  • The solution expands the operation period of a fishing boat by 2 months and allows the fishermen to secure an extra & reliable revenue stream

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