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A machine to recycle 'unrecyclable' plastics in an economically viable way.

The RT7000 unit converts residual waste plastic that is currently buried, burnt or lost back into oil for reuse.

Usually, recycling of plastics like cookie packets and food trays is not economically viable, causing them to be discarded into environment. However, RT700's patented machine chemically breaks down these hard to recycle plastics into Plaxx®, an oil that can be used for new plastic production, as well as fuels and waxes. Modular and self-contained, RT700 can be adapted to the needs of each waste site and mass manufacturing will enable rapid global roll-out.

Key features for a positive impact on quality of life

  • Significant reduction of emissions compared to “Energy from Waste” alternative: 2.3 tonnes of CO2 reduction for each tonne of oil produced.
  • Targets residual plastic which cannot currently be recycled in an economically viable way.
  • Modular and self contained; multi-product capability and tailoring to local needs.
  • 85% thermal efficiency. Fuelled from processed residual plastic gases with opportunity to utilise renewable heat and further recycle plastic derived gases No water used No noxious emissions.


  • Low capital cost due to mass manufacturing.
  • High return on investment without the need for external subsidies.
  • Less than 3 years payback.


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Recycling Technologies Limited

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Northern Europe, Spain, Greece, Croatia, Italy, Malta, Portugal,

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Solutions helps to achieve these SDG's.

  • Industry, innovation and infrastructure

  • Responsible consumption and production

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Investors, waste handlers, partners, and governments to accelerate the deployment of the technology.

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Industrial raw material efficiency, Materials reclamation, Smart waste collection and sorting, Waste treatment, Waste management, Waste valorization,