Gallery RootWave 1
Gallery RootWave 1
November 2019
Headquarters Brookhampton Ln, Kineton, Warwick CV35 0JA, UK

RootWave - An agricultural system to zap weeds with electricity instead of chemicals herbicides.

RootWave uses electricity to zap weeds with zero chemicals to offer a scalable and sustainable solution to chemical herbicides.

An electrode touches a weed. This creates a circuit. The high voltages establish a current instantaneously. The natural resistance of the weed turns that electricity energy into heat. This boils the weed inside out from the root upwards. RootWave is a new technology and is creating new products to harness the technology. Using high frequencies as this technology does, it allows you to miniaturise the equipment and ensure it is inherently safer since it minimises the risk of electrical shock. RootWave is sustainable, organic, it does not use water and can be powered using green energy from solar and wind, no-till (does not disturb the soil and thus reduces carbon emissions and soil erosion), and is cost-comparable with using herbicides.

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Key features

  • Reduce water consumption, carbon emission and soil erosion
  • Replace herbicides


  • A payback time of 5 years

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