Gallery ReWood 1
Gallery ReWood 1
August 2020
Headquarters 8260 Viby, Denmark

ReWood - A technology using wood from recycling factories to transform it into facades and acoustic panels

Standing at both the end, the beginning and the middle of the wood supply chain, ReWood upcycling technology uses wood waste from the construction industry, uses it as raw material to manufacture new products that are stronger and cleaner.

ReWood aims at reducing the amount of virgin wood, which is being used in the construction industry, one of the top consumer of raw materials. By taking wood from recycling factories and impregnating it to make it last longer, ReWood innovative process make it possible to transform it into facades and acoustic panels. By burning the wood slightly, it becomes resistant to humidity and can last for more than 50 years. Highly versatile, ReWood delivers a solution to architects interested in making new buildings with a nordic look while using local and sustainable materials.

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Key features

  • By using waste wood instead of new wood, ReWood saves 1428g of Co2 per 1m3 of wood saved
  • Service life over 50 years


  • The price range of virgin wood panels in Denmark usually goes between 67€ to 134€ while ReWood panels sells for 65€ (May 2020)

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