Gallery RecyNET 1
Gallery RecyNET 1
April 2020
Headquarters 14460 Colombelles, France

RecyNET - Recycling round bale nets and twine from agriculture, with a dry & eco-friendly process, to produce high-quality recycled plastics.

By regenerating agricultural plastic waste into a recycled raw material of quality comparable to the original, Recynet aims at closing the loop of nets and twine fabrication.

As farming practices have changed, new waste materials have emerged, such as round bale nets and twine made of thermoplastic filaments. After use, they represent up to twice their initial weight due to various contaminants such as hay, mud or water. Due to the lack of recycling solutions, a significant part of this waste is burned or buried clandestinely, which has a dramatic impact on the environment. To meet this challenge, the patented RecyNET technology regenerates thermoplastic filaments without degrading them. Inspired by the techniques used in the textile industry, RecyNET enables the separation of plastic from impurities without using water or chemicals and with low energy consumption. The purified plastics are transformed into recycled plastic pellets (RRM) that can be used to re-manufacture round bale nets.

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Key features

  • Saves 2 m³ of water per ton of waste retreated
  • Saves 14 000 CO² every 8000 tons of net waste processed


  • Processed recycled material is 20% to 30% less expensive than the virgin material

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