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Recovering heat from CO2 refrigeration systems

Standardized, ready-to-install solution for supermarkets to heat buildings or water through waste heat

The Heat Recovery Unit provides the link between a cooling unit and the heating installation. Developed and designed for recovery of waste heat from refrigeration installations, where CO2 is used.

In Europe, around 2% of the total energy consumption for electricity is used for refrigeration in supermarkets, and within five years, 50% or European supermarkets will use CO2 as a refrigerant. If supermarkets in Europe were to use the waste heat from the CO2 refrigeration units to heat the spaces and water in their own building – generally not the best insulated places – it could lead to energy savings of EUR 1.8 billion annually.

Key features for a positive impact on quality of life

  • Use of this system in supermarkets across Europe could lead to final energy savings that equate to 2.6 million tonnes of oil annually, corresponding to annual emissions savings 6.1 million tonnes of CO2


  • Standardized system could lead to energy cost savings of EUR 1.8 bln, with an average payback time of 1.5 years.


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