Gallery Pump&Drink 1
Gallery Pump&Drink 1
January 2021
Headquarters 1400 Nivelles, Belgium

Pump&Drink - Connected solar solution for sustainable drinking water supply for rural communities

The solution aims at providing safe drinking water to rural communities of 200 to 2000 people in emerging countries. Its design makes it durable, sustainable and require little maintenance.. Thanks to 8 solar panels, the water is pumped from boreholes or wells and flows through a treatment line that eliminates the particles in the water and add a specific amount of chlorine to make the water potable. After this step, the water quality respects the WHO's bacteriological recommendations for drinking water. Then, a 8 m3; water tank at height allows water distribution in the absence of sunlight. A remote data management system sends water and energy production data to the cloud and gives information on the maintenance needs so that local technicians can respond immediately if needed.

Key features

  • 1 P&D system provides water to up to 2000 people
  • 200 hours per day saved for women and children per community
  • 20+ years lifetime
  • No GHGs and particles emissions during operation (100% reduction of GHGs emissions compared to diesel or gasoline pumps, wood and coal burning for water boiling)
  • No battery needed for the distribution
  • Increase in local agricultural production


  • The life-cycle cost of a PV system is about 36% less expensive than a diesel pumping system
  • Every 1$ invested in water and sanitation provides an economic return of 3 to 34$
  • Fighting rural exodus by better life in the rural sector

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