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Gallery Proxipel unit 1
Gallery Proxipel unit 1
June 2021
Headquarters 1261 Le Vaud, Switzerland

Proxipel unit - Mobile unit for the conversion of unused agricultural and woody biomass residues into pellets

Proxipel's solution allows the valorization of woody residues into pellets. Today, when they are exploited, they are exploited with very little added value and often emit greenhouse gases. Thanks to mobile innovative units that produce pellets in situ, Proxipel allows to valorize them into renewable energy with a high added value. Here are some examples of woody waste that Proxipel can transform, raw as well as wet: - fresh wood - wood waste - vine shoots - communal pruning - forestry residues - straw - agricultural residues - agri-food residues - etc. Thanks to the action of the Proxipel units, we will be able to produce pellets locally at a competitive price, while developing the circular economy: - valorization of locally produced waste - regional labor force - consumption of pellets nearby In addition, this will reduce CO2 emissions and increase energy independence, since 30% of the pellets consumed are imported, both in the EU and in Switzerland.

Key features

  • Each Proxipel's unit valorizes about 2000 tons of biomass per year into 1600 tons of pellets.
  • Each Proxipel's unit allows to reduce by 15 the volume of branches.
  • One ton of pellets provides the same amount of energy as 500 liters of light fuel oil.
  • Pellets produced by Proxipel's units reduces CO2 emissions by more than 20 compare to heat from light fuel oil.
  • Pellets produced by Proxipel's units reduces impact on natural ressources by more than 15 compare to heat from natural gas.
  • Pellets produced by Proxipel's units reduces impact on ecosystems quality by nearly 30 compare to heat pump supplied with renewable electricity.


  • Payback time of 3 to 6 years, depending on the scenario.
  • Same costs for woody biomass producers as the mainstream alternative (compost), but production of renewable energy that reduces CO2 emissions by 1950 tons compared to diesel.

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