Gallery PlasticFri 1
Gallery PlasticFri 1
July 2020
Headquarters 115 51 Stockholm, Sweden

PlasticFri - A novel technology turning agricultural waste to plant-based alternatives for replacing fossil-based plastics.

PlasticFri seeks to tackle the growing problem of plastic pollution through an innovative waste-based material which is fully compostable

Nearly all of the plastic that has ever been made still exists today, much of it finding its way into the natural environment. Today's economy produces around 335 million tonnes of plastic each year, and at our current rate of production, it is estimated that by 2050, the oceans could have more plastic than fish. Every year, 2 billion tons of CO2 emission are caused just because of plastic production. PlasticFri offers a solution to the plastic pollution crisis by delivering an environmentally-friendly solution to replace conventional petroleum-based plastics. By using agricultural waste, PlasticFri has created a plastic alternative which is 100% biodegradable, compostable and toxic-free. PlasticFri has succeeded in creating a bio-based plastic alternative with improved functionality and reduced costs, in doing so offering benefits for both people and the planet. With the bioplastics market booming, PlasticFri is tapping into a 670 billion EUR-year opportunity.

Key features

  • 86%+ lower CO2 emissions than mainstream alternative
  • Over 26,000 litres of water and 1400 litres of oil saved per ton produced, compared to mainstream alternative


  • Uses 65% less energy in production
  • Saves around 4,200 kWh of electricity per ton of material produced

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