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Osmosun Sea Water & Brackish Water

Battery-free, solar desalination solution, supplying affordable freshwater to remote communities

OSMOSUN® is a unique reverse osmosis desalination technology that continuously adapting to available sunlight to supply affordable, sustainable freshwater.

Relying on sunlight as a power source, the desalination unit is sustainable and fully independent. To produce drinking water, pressurised seawater is taken through membranes, where the reverse osmosis process takes place. Its intelligent system is specifically engineered to adapt its pump and the pace of the motor in accordance with the amount of sunlight available, which can vary widely and suddenly. All parameters are continuously and instantly optimised to ensure the best energy performance and guarantee the maximum lifetime of the installation and of its delicate membranes.

Key features for a positive impact on quality of life

  • Fully solar-powered, adapts to continue functioning with available sunlight, and with no battery
  • Able to desalinate water using 15% less energy compared to other advanced technologies
  • Designed for longevity in remote locations, using sturdy components and with limited maintenance needs
  • Can act as a variable load regulation appliance when in hybrid mode on weak electricity networks


  • Pays for itself within 4-7 years, depending on local energy costs.
  • Osmosun desalination units are cost competitive as soon as the electricity cost is above 0,13€/kWh

OSMOSUN by Mascara

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Mascara Renewable Water

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Solutions helps to achieve these SDG's.

  • Clean water and sanitation

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