Gallery Optiwise® 1
Gallery Optiwise® 1
July 2020
Headquarters 69003 Lyon, France

Optiwise® - An AI web platform helping non-expert decision makers to best design, implement and operate their onsite mix of renewable energy generation and storage

Optiwise supports decentralised renewable energy production through a data-driven AI solution to guide decision-making in commercial and industrial sites to balance energy use and storage.

Decentralized energy resources (DER) and renewable energy production installations are much more profitable when coupled to energy storage systems and other flexible loads. These hybrid systems allow revenue stacking on new energy markets whilst reducing emissions and costs and increasing energy security. A challenge however remains in the complexity of the assessment of such systems. Due to their lack of awareness and skills, commercial and industrial energy consumers struggle to find appropriate partners or stuck in an intricate procedure with too many different actors (engineering consultancy, contractors, operators, etc.). This results in losing time and transparency and leads to a less profitable solution as each actor tends to sell their off-the-shelf solution or expertise. Optiwize® is a data-driven AI web solution providing decision makers in commercial and industrial sites autonomous guidance to analyse, implement and control optimal onsite renewable energy generation and storage installations. Assembling global measurement data of site energy consumption, meteorological conditions, GHG emissions, energy prices and other financial information, Optiwize® detects the most suitable investments in new and clean energy technologies and maintains maximum profitability of the achieved installation on real time by calculating optimal setpoints in line with the organisation's ecological and economical targets. In doing so, Optiwize® provides an efficient, profitable and sustainable solution for on-site energy use and storage.

Key features

  • Up to 20% CO2 emissions reduction compared to non optimal achieved installations
  • Up to 30% CO2 emissions reduction compared to no installation


  • Up to 30% energy cost reduction, up to 20% new revenues on energy markets
  • Return on Investment in 1-2 years

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