July 2021
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OPTI'PROTEIN - A bio-based ingredient for animal nutrition to reduce protein intake and GHG emissions

The solution aims at producing and market a bio-based ingredient from agricultural by-products. OPTI'PROTEIN provides an innovative solution for farmers, which reduces the intake of soybeans in livestock's diet, and therefore reduce deforestation and GHG emissions. OPTI’PROTEIN stimulates the enzyme production of the stomach and intestinal cells and improves the digestive efficiency of young animals. For soy-using sectors (poultry, pigs, cattle), OPTI'PROTEIN allows 3% savings of protein on their feed formulas. The innovative solution ensures better assimilation of proteins, produced locally and brings a new nutritional approach in breeding, sustainable and profitable.

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Key features

  • 3% reduction of animal compound feed for the same amount of meat produced
  • Soy European import reduction: 1,622,000 T/year or 1 232 000 T eq-C02 per year
  • Improving the digestibility of other types of protein than soy, the solution helps to develop local production of other protein sources such as those of fava, lupin, pea


  • Net gain between 2 € and 5 €/T of feed / gain on the formulation: -4.50 € to -7.5 €/T of aliment for the same meat production
  • -1,25 million mT eq-CO2/year of the carbon footprint in Europe, valued on the carbon market at 46,250 million euros/year
  • An application of the solution on the pig, poultry and cattle sectors in Europe represents: a reduction in soybean imports of 1,622,000 T/year and an imported soybean purchase savings of: 616.3 million euros/year

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