Oji Pure Solar

Gallery Oji Pure Solar 1
Gallery Oji Pure Solar 1
April 2020
By T-zic
Headquarters 34830 Jacou, France

Oji Pure Solar - A stand-alone UVLED solution for water purification at the point of use.

In order to meet the urgent needs for water treatment, T.zic has developed innovative point-of-use disinfection solutions using UV-LEDs to emit a highly germicidal UV-C radiation, destroying DNA. The solution provides safe water, everywhere and anytime, at the point of use, being ideal for household water treatment, health centres, laboratories etc.

Compared to existing water treatment systems (e.g., chemical disinfection, distillation, reverse osmosis, filtration), UV LED treatment makes it possible to offer robust and compact systems, instantaneous and on-demand treatment with energy autonomy when linked with an appropriate solar panel. Moreover, the use of UV LEDs enables water treatment with unrivalled characteristics: high-performance (99.99%); instantaneous; on demand; and with total energy autonomy (via adapted solar panel). All of this with no maintenance over a life span of between 5 and 10 years.

Key features

  • 2400 m3 of drinking water produced in the life time
  • 56 tons of plastic bottles avoided
  • Zero energy consumption when linked with solar panel


  • Full return of investment in less than one year.
  • Annual economic savings between 600 and 1000 USD for a 4 person family.

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