Gallery ObjectBox 1
Gallery ObjectBox 1
November 2020
Headquarters 10178 Berlin, Germany
In collaboration with MovinOn

ObjectBox - Enabling real time computing with edge computing

Sending data to the cloud is slow, expensive, creates bandwidth bottlenecks, and consumes around 2% of global electricity annually*; with data volumes from IoT and Mobile growing at an increasing rate, the practice of sending all data to the cloud is unsustainable, inefficient and wasteful.

ObjectBox empowers storing and processing data locally - on the edge, e.g. a car, windmill - and synchronizing only select data to a central instance (cloud/server) or directly to other edge devices. Uniquely designed to run on restricted devices from sensor to smartphone to server, ObjectBox is faster and more efficient than alternatives, and solves data synchronization out of the box with native language APIs that are fast for developers to implement. This enables the digitization of industries and new IoT use cases that need to * process large volumes of real time data on the edge * work offline, independent from any internet connection * reduce cloud costs and energy consumption * keep data secure, private data private. ObjectBox' out of the box solution saves teams on on time-to-market and reduces development costs.

Key features

  • Cuts the power consumption of their IoT applications
  • Reduces companies' emissions by 50 - 90%
  • Edge computing


  • Saves energy costs
  • Reduces cloud costs by up to 80%

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