Gallery Newcy 1
Gallery Newcy 1
August 2019
By Newcy
Headquarters 35000 Rennes, France

Newcy - A service to replace disposable cups in cafeterias and vending machines

Newcy provides reusable customizable cups for traditional vending machines.

Concretely, Newcy offers its users a monthly subscription during 48 months that includes: provision of reusable cups and collectors, collection and washing of cups. The service can be described in several steps: (a) first, the vending machine manager introduces Newvcy's reusable cups, instead of disposable cups, in the vending machines. (b) Then, the user comes to the vending machine and uses a reusable cup instead of a disposable one. (c) Once the user has grabbed a cup, he/she can reuse it throughout the day. (d) At the end of the day, the user puts the cup in the corresponding collector. Newcy collects the cups every two weeks for washing and returning clean ones for reuse.

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Key features

  • 79% less CO2 emissions compared to disposable alternatives.
  • 54% less water consumption compared to disposable alternatives.


  • With Newcy, a reusable cup is used twice per day on average compared to the single use of disposable cups.

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