Gallery Mycoremediation 1
Gallery Mycoremediation 1
July 2020
By Edaphos
Headquarters 1225 Chêne-Bourg, Switzerland

Mycoremediation - Bioremediation of soil by fungi

Mycoremediation thrives to depollute soils by using microorganisms, in particular fungi. Mycoremediation biomimetic approach is based on two observations: A large number of fungi are capable of living in extreme environmental conditions (temperature, pressure, absence of oxygen, pollution, etc.) and mushrooms are nature's "great cleaners" - no waste can resist decomposition!

In the forest, fungi are able to degrade molecules as complex as lignin and cellulose. As a result, they are also able to degrade hydrocarbons and the resulting number of petroleum products (gasoline, oils, fuels, pesticides and herbicides). Edaphos proposes to use these microorganisms to decontaminate the soil and filter the dirty water. These functions of biodegradation by fungi are useful where other biological treatments remain ineffective or expensive. In comparison with other techniques (phytoremediation, thermal desorption, burial ...), the use of mushrooms offers a competitive advantage in terms of performance, processing time, energy balance, and the associated cost over time. Where specialized bacteria would be able to act on only one pollutant, fungi are able to degrade a wide range of hydrocarbons in a wide variety of different climatic conditions. Edaphos' custom-made products can be used in land farming, surface mulching, treatment of excavated soil, integrated into dynamic biopiles or biofilters for contaminated water.

Key features

  • Mycoremediation makes it possible to repair in 6 months a soil that nature took more than 10,000 years to build
  • Unlike other depollution methods, mycoremediation does not require energy and facilitates local treatment.


  • Savings are generally between 5% and 60% depending on the site and the pollutants
  • Mycoremediation reduces the cost of remediation compared to chemical or physical methods of landfilling

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