Micro Nano Bubble Flotation MNBF®

Gallery Micro Nano Bubble Flotation MNBF® 1
Gallery Micro Nano Bubble Flotation MNBF® 1
March 2021
Headquarters 05-806 Granica, Poland

Micro Nano Bubble Flotation MNBF® - Micro nano bubble flotation process for efficient sewer treatment of highly contaminated industrial wastes

Micro Nano Bubble Flotation is a compact, mobile, scalable and containerized sewage treatment system, highly efficient for waste and hydraulic load fluctuations, producing minimum excessive final sludge in comparison to the conventional sewage treatment methods. Overall, the system and most of its components are produced in Poland from raw materials and the whole solution is shipped using a number of standard sea-worthy containers to its final destination, decreasing the overall proves from design to commissioning by 50%.

Key features

  • Containerized solution able to deliver capacity of 100 m3/h per single container.
  • Decrease on OPEX cost between 25% and 50%
  • Decrease usage of chemicals event o zero
  • 30% reduction of operation CO2 emissions
  • Significant reduction of chemicals used


  • 28-50% lower OPEX compared to mainstream alternative
  • 2 - 8 years payback period compared to mainstream alternative
  • 30% lower installation footprint

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