Loop Heat Pipe (LHP)

Gallery Loop Heat Pipe (LHP) 1
Gallery Loop Heat Pipe (LHP) 1
February 2021
By Calyos
Headquarters 6040 Charleroi, Belgium

Loop Heat Pipe (LHP) - A passive form of heat transfer (cooling), offering an alternative to active (pumped) water cooling systems

LHPs are a form of passive liquid cooling developed from the principles of traditional heat pipes. They improve performance while providing considerably more design flexibility than traditional heat pipes. Hence they offer a passive alternative to active (pumped) water cooling systems, removing the reliance on pumps and hence reducing energy consumption and reducing maintenance. LHPs work by creating a capillary pumping effect caused by the porous wick structure within the evaporator. The liquid vaporizes on the copper baseplate and moves around the system due to pressure differences. LHP can be used for the following applications: Power Electronics (IGBTs, MOSFETs, SiC & GaN components), processors and servers, electronics & photonics (LEDs, Lasers, Antennas, Peltier Modules). As a passive solution competing against active (pumped) alternatives, Calyos offers its customers an eco-friendly solution for cooling the latest high power electronic components.

Key features

  • 100% less energy usage than active (pumped) water heat transfer systems
  • The latent heat of vaporization (two-phase) provides a heat transfer coefficient 250% better than single-phase water
  • Reduce up to 100% of energy usage involved in cooling systems
  • Increase the lifetime of cooling systems up to 40 years, with no maintenance


  • ~25% cheaper than mainstream water cooling solutions as there is no requirement for a pump/distribution unit
  • Save over 80% of maintenance costs by removing fans and pumps from cooling systems

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