JF Pyrolysis Products-from-Waste System

Gallery JF Pyrolysis Products-from-Waste System 1
Gallery JF Pyrolysis Products-from-Waste System 1
January 2021
Headquarters Delray Beach, FL 33446, USA

JF Pyrolysis Products-from-Waste System - A clean technology for the conversion of post-recycling municipal/plastic/agricultural waste into products such as biochar and biofuels

JF Pyrolysis Products-from-Waste System avoids the detrimental effects of waste on people, animals and planet, including greenhouse gas emissions, by providing an alternative to waste disposal practices, such as landfill, open dumps and burning. The System uses a patented slow pyrolysis technology to convert waste into products - bio-oil, biogas and biocoal / biochar - to use directly as soil amendment and fossil fuel replacements; to produce secondary products; or to generate electricity with our hybrid generator. The technology maximises efficiency by using a continuous process and minimises operating costs by being self-fueling. The system is small-scale, modular and portable; it accepts a wide range of feedstocks; and includes sub-systems for drying and feeding, condensing and storing.

Key features

  • Processing capacity 1-3 tonnes per hour
  • 10 tonnes of dry biomass generates 4 tonnes of biochar
  • A waste disposal option that reduces 90% of CO2eq emissions and increases carbon drawdown by 55% compared to a disposal site
  • The sustainable manufacturing ensures an 80% reduction in the product’s embodied energy


  • Payback less than 5 years
  • Below market investment per tonne of waste treated

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