IoT Microturbine

Gallery IoT Microturbine 1
Gallery IoT Microturbine 1
November 2019
Headquarters 16121 Genoa, Metropolitan City of Genoa, Italy

IoT Microturbine - A smart grid management device harvesting the energy from gas pipelines pressure

IoT Microturbine enables the off-grid performance monitoring and control of pressurized pipeline networks with an energy harvesting device integrating a turbine and an electrical generator that reliably feeds electronic control units (e.g. Remote Terminal Units - RTU).

The plug & play microturbine takes advantage of existing pressure drops and gas flow in the system to generate electricity used to power ancillary equipment for the maintenance, monitoring and operation of the networked pipeline systems. The energy harvesting device is self-protected against surcharge and over speeding and capable to perform auto diagnosis and communicate with other devices. The energy captured by the microturbine and converted into electric energy, is directly available in situ for monitoring devices. IoT Microturbine offers off grid real time monitoring and control solutions with a high reliability over time and across operating conditions while enabling the pipeline to work at low pressure, reducing the greenhouse effect through reduction of gas leakages as well as the CO2 emissions that would result from an equivalent grid connection in a remote location.

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Key features

  • Reduction of CO2 by 0.5 tons per year
  • Zero carbon emmission
  • Leakage reduction and pipeline life extension


  • Payback estimated in 1 year

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