IHS (Induction Humidification System)

Gallery IHS (Induction Humidification System) 1
Gallery IHS (Induction Humidification System) 1
July 2019
Headquarters 24023 Clusone, Bergame, Italie

IHS (Induction Humidification System) - Induction humidification system for high energy and water savings

IHS is a water and energy efficient induction humidification system for industrial applications.

The IHS concept is based on a set of special diffusers of laminar water flow that finely nebulizes the water. As it is nebulized, the water is released directly into the environment. In turn, the air released captured by a closed loop flow of ambient air. With IHS, the nebulized water is completely evaporated and absorbed by the air by the time it is one meter away from the pulsating diffusers. Thanks to its efficiency, all the water sprayed by the nozzles is absorbed by the air. The air distribution system is made up of dry ducts. IHS eliminates the possible proliferation of bacteria and mucilage, corrosion risks of the components as well as any risk of condensation.

Key features

  • Guarantees a constant temperature and humidity.
  • Saves water consumption by up to 65%.
  • Reduces inhalable particles by up to 85%.


  • An estimated payback period of 24 months.
  • Saves energy consumption by up to 80%.

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