iBarrierTM Anti-Corrosion Coating

Gallery iBarrierTM Anti-Corrosion Coating 1
Gallery iBarrierTM Anti-Corrosion Coating 1
November 2020
By AnCatt
Headquarters Wilmington, DE 19804, USA

iBarrierTM Anti-Corrosion Coating - High-performance, longest lasting anti-corrosion paint without using any toxic heavy-metals

AnCatt iBarrierTM coating technology solved two major problems together: heavy-metal toxicity from high-performance anti-corrosion coatings and the expensive metal corrosion cost to the economy and the environment - significantly reducing environmental contamination, waste, and CO2 emission.

This heavy-metal free anti-corrosion coating can successfully pass an independent high-performance corrosion test after over 50-years of worldwide intense research attempts, it also outperformed current best products in all major performance categories, such as thinner, lighter, much-easier-to-use, self-sealing from scratches. Corrosion durability lasts over six-times longer than the best market standard zinc-rich coating that could provide up to 2,000 hours of salt fog tests (ASTM B 117), setting a record at 13,740 hours of testing without rusting, blistering, and rust expansion from scribe line.

Key features

  • Reduce environmental contamination
  • Better durability performance
  • Significant reduction of CO2 emissions.


  • 6 times longer-lasting effects significantly reduce maintenance costs
  • Eliminates toxic heavy-metal mitigation costs

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