Hydrao Aloé

Gallery Hydrao Aloé 1
Gallery Hydrao Aloé 1
August 2019
By Hydrao
Headquarters 38430 Moirans, France
In collaboration with ADEO

Hydrao Aloé - Smart Showerhead

Hydrao Aloé is a showerhead that allows for water and energy savings using nudge technology.

The device acts on two different levels to deliver tangible savings: 1) Mechanically through a flow-restrictor that lowers the flow of a normal eco-shower and 2) behaviorally through the colored-LED sequence that informs users in real-time about their water usage and "nudges" them to stop the shower when the light turns red and so take shorter showers. Hydrao Aloé's behavioral efficiency technology engages users at point-of-use, providing them with real-time relevant and actionable information. No battery is required as the natural water flow drives a turbine to power the LED and data connection.

Key features

  • The app shows how much water has been saved over the past 12 months as well as water & energy savings in €.
  • Avoids pollution related to battery disposal.


  • A payback period of less than 6 months in a typical household.
  • About 150€ in utility savings per year per household.

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