Gallery HPGen 1
Gallery HPGen 1
January 2021
By HPNow
Headquarters 2200 København N, Denmark

HPGen - World's first and only on-site hydrogen-peroxide generation solution - for safe, environmentally friendly and secure water and wastewater treatment.

The global annual output of over 6.5M Tons of hydrogene peroxide (H2O2) is produced in centralized chemical production plants, emitting greenhouse gasses (GHG) equivalent to the emissions of over 3M cars, and outputting over 60M Tons / annum of toxic waste.

Delivery of H2O2 from these centralized production plants to millions of distributed points of use requires transportation of a high-concentrate, highly-explosive solution, and a complex, hazardous, costly, and increasingly regulated supply chain. HPNow offers a comprehensive line of on-site H2O2 generation solutions, based on our proprietary direct electrochemical synthesis technology, and requiring only water, electricity and air to operate. HPGen Industrial product line is highly scalable, and designed to meet demands ranging from 1 kg / day and below, geared towards applications such as irrigation water treatment, and to 25 kg / day and above, geared towards applications such as industrial water treatment.

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Key features

  • It eliminates GHG emissions equivalent to those of 3 million gasoline cars
  • It reduces up to 30 GWh of energy usage per annum compared to the centralized production plant.


  • A typical ROI for the system is under 24 months

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North america

Mexico, Honduras,

South america


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